Membership, Junior Mission, Code of Conduct

The Stockton Sailing Club Junior sailing program is an opportunity for young sailors that would like to spend more time on the water. The Program is to develop knowledgeable youth sailors and to plant the seed in them for the love of the sport of sailing which will serve as a foundation for the future of our Club.

Events are scheduled throughout the year for sailors of all ability levels including keelboat clinics, special racing clinics and a after-school racing program. Members of the Junior Program have access to the Junior Boat Fleet of Optimists, El Torres, Flying Juniors and Lasers.  A full program of learning, racing or day sailing has led to the Stockton Sailing Club Junior Program’s success and serves to reinforce the members’ dedication to the principle and tradition of yachting.

Junior memberships are for ages 8-21 (or up to 24 if they are still in school / college) and are renewable annually. Please visit our membership page for additional information on the membership application process.

Junior Program Mission
Whether it be across the San Joaquin River or across the San Francisco Bay, Stockton Sailing Club sailors participate in sailing and racing events throughout the year. SSC has made a commitment to the Junior Program and has successfully recruited Coaches of highest level. Instructors and coaches are certified by the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing) complete with CPR and First Aid Certificates.

This means setting goals and taking responsibility.  For example, you have to show up on time at the race training and races.  They are not going to wait for you.

The Stockton Sailing Club Junior program is run by volunteers, so the availability of activities is largely dependent upon the ability of parents and other volunteers to help.  Volunteer opportunities include helping with Food or BBQs at events, assisting in safety boats and on the docks, participating in planning meetings to coordinate events, and driving and towing boats to events in the Bay Area.

Code of Conduct
I understand that as a Stockton Sailing Club Junior member and participant in the Junior Sailing Program I am a representative of the Stockton Sailing Club, and as such, acknowledge that I am responsible for conducting myself in a manner that promotes good sportsmanship and which will not discredit the Stockton Sailing Club, others or myself.

  • I agree to adhere to all written or verbal instructions of all Stockton Sailing Club officers, directors, agents, employees, coaches and volunteers.
  • I understand that failure to comply with the rules of the Stockton Sailing Club and Junior Program may result in disciplinary action that may include but not be limited to suspension from the Junior Sailing Program and/or suspension or revocation of Junior membership status.
  • When participating in the SSC Junior Sailing Program, I agree not to engage in the consumption or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • I shall not place persons or property in jeopardy by irresponsible or unapproved actions. I understand that these actions, or any use of the substances identified above is grounds for suspension from the SSC Junior Sailing Program and/or suspension or revocation of SSC Junior membership status.
  • I shall conduct myself in a safe, respectful, and courteous manner at all times when participating in the SSC Junior Sailing Program. This includes social events, team practices, and regattas.
  • I shall comply with recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • I shall wear a personal flotation device and appropriate clothing when on the water.
  • I shall be respectful and courteous at all times to others, including but not limited to my team members, other competitors, race officials, coaches, and parents.
  • I shall refrain from using profanity or discriminatory language.

Return your completed form to:
Harbormaster’s office 209-951-5600
Stockton Sailing Club 4980 Buckley Cove Way Stockton Ca 95219