Classes – Adult Learn to Sail

Keel Boat–Introduction to Sailing

This three-hour class will provide a brief introduction to points of sail, sailing terminology, and safety, followed immediately by assignment to an experienced skipper to crew a sailboat. Students will participate in rigging the boat, hoisting sails, sailing to weather and downwind, leaving and returning to dock, and other boat handling skills.  Skills will include steering and trimming (adjusting) the sails and simple navigation. 

Small Boat—Beginning Sailing Class

Beginning Sailing is a more comprehensive two-day, fourteen-hour course in small, double-handed (two crew member) boats.  Skills taught are designed to be transferrable to small keel boats.  Instruction will be given by US Sailing small-boat-certified instructors.

Students will learn sailing terminology and boat parts, actively rig and de-rig a boat, work at the tiller and on sail trim, and gain extensive experience using various controls on all points of sail.  Note: on the first morning of class, you will perform a capsize-recovery-reentry drill and must be capable of re-boarding the boat from the water.