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High School Racing Team

Junior Member Fun Sail Dates
(must be a current Active Junior Member)

August 15th
August 29th
Sept 12th
Sept 26th


     Ashley Ragon         Fleet/Position: FJ, Crew

Ashley has been sailing with the Stockton Sailing Club High School racing team since 2018. She is currently serving as secretary of the Juniors board at the club.  In addition to sailing FJs, she enjoys sailing her 23' Santana which she co-owns with fellow teammate, Bella Crotty. The two have also recently acquired a catamaran to add to their boat collection.  Sailing is Ashley's passion.   Her goal is to ultimately compete in future years sailing lasers, 420s and/or 505s. 

Ashley is an honor student at Lodi Middle School where she participates in running club and also proudly represents her school at Science Olympiad and Math Olympiad competitions.  When not on the water or studying, she can usually be found downhill skiing in the winter, fishing year round or playing her piano and guitar.   She is member of California Junior Scholarship Federation, Girl Scouts of America and St. Joachim Catholic Church.   

     Bella Crotty                        Fleet/Position: FJ, Skipper

Bella has been a member of the Stockton Sailing Club Race Team since 2018. Bella first began sailing 4 years ago during the Learn to Sail Program at the Stockton Sailing Club, and hasn’t looked back. Every summer, she has participated with the LTS program first as a student, then finally as an intern coach.  

She is currently serving as Vice-Commodore of the Juniors board at the club. Bella is a Freshman at St Mary’s High School, where she is on Student Senate and participates in the award winning Theatre Program.  Her other hobbies include, song writing, performing, playing guitar and piano. She is member of the National Junior Honor Society, and is a contributing writer for the Juniors section of Dock Talk. She looks forward to racing in Regattas long after high school.


     Tegan Smith                        Fleet Position: FJ Skipper

Tegan is a senior in high school and this is her 2nd seasoning racing with SSC.  She has been sailing for 3 years. She’s also been a coach at the SSC Learn to Sail program. She currently serves as Commodore of the Juniors board at the club. She dances competitively and loves chocolate.

   Brayden Ross

Brayden Ross is a 15 year old sailor & sophomore at St. Mary’s High School. Growing up on the Delta on his Papa’s boat, sailing has been a natural fit for his love of the water. He has been sailing with the Stockton Juniors since summer of 2015 when he took his first Learn to Sail class and he has never looked back. He has a competitive streak to him and is excited to race bigger and faster boats in the future


       Trevin Brown

 Trevin Brown is sophomore at Oakdale High School and a first-year member of the team. He discovered his love for sailing four years ago when he first attended Learn to Sail camp. Two years ago he bought his own Laser and enjoys sailing that in addition to FJs with the team. Trevin is also on high school tennis team and is active in Boy Scouts and 4H.

Max Mora joined the Stockton Sailing High School Race Team this past year in 2019.  Max learned to sail at the age of 7 when he attended Camp Mishawaka in Grand Rapids, MN.  Max has attended camp every year for 2 months at a time.  He has sailed Lake Superior on an extended trip while at camp and loves every minute of it.  Last year, he attended Camp Mishawaka as a CIT (Counselor In Training) and participated in mentoring youths at camp interested in sailing.  
Max currently attends Gregori High School in Modesto and lives in Discovery Bay where he and his sister have a little 14' Hobie Cat.  They used to love crashing into docks in our bay when they were younger and it is probably time to do an upgrade.   Besides sailing, Max loves to snowboard and ride Atv'S.  SSC has been a great place for him to enjoy his hobby and interact with some great people. 

  Mindy Claypool

                 Mindy Claypool is 13 years old and in the 7th grade at Ben Holt Middle School. She is an avid reader and enjoys art and science. In addition to sailing, she plays competitive softball. She loves to travel and has been on many nationwide adventures with her grandparents.

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